By far, the best musky rod for 2021 is the St. Croix Legend Tournament Musky casting rod.This rod is a super fast action musky rod that delivers on all fronts. “I’ll switch to an 8-foot heavy power and fast action rod to fish jerkbaits,” said Andersen. In the early days with mono you watched a lot of fish get away. Quality musky and northern pike rods made by the Tackle Industries company. Smith has caught many big muskies using #8 and #10 Super Bous on 65-pound Sufix Performance Braid, which he considers the "pinnacle of muskie line evolution." Available in green and yellow, 10- to 80-pound test. He adds, "the ingredients of a line offer positives and negatives depending on the situation. Lines for musky fishing range from floating and intermediate sinking, to 30-foot fast-sinking integrated shooting heads. When you have a lot of line out trolling, there's give in the system so a no-stretch braid makes sense. When muskies hit, their mouths are so hard that you can't have any stretch. Andersen runs Jeff Andersen Fishing and guides in Minnesota. I have a meadium heavy gander mt spinning rod got it when they went out of business thought it be good for musky. ", Smith favors a lighter approach. Stainless steel guide frames with zirconium inserts improve casting and durability. Today my shortest rod in the boat is 7'2". Watch out when buying used reels for musky fishing. Lowrance announced the launch the most powerful Elite series fishfinder/chartplotter available... Portable power is much more convenient with the Dakota Lithium Powerbox 10. It flows smoothly, it's strong, and doesn't stretch. Available in 40- to 100-pound test, The Teramar XX rods incorporate Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X and Hi-Power X technologies to enhance power transmission through the rod blank for increased casting distance and lifting power as well as reduced blank twist during tough battles. Not that you should never tie your own musky flies, but stack the deck in your favor and spend some time fis… “Anytime you need to Sign up to get the latest news and updates sent straight to your inbox. Tuf-Line 4orce: This new four-carrier braid has four fiber bundles for abrasion-resistance and strength. “If that engine starts without my kill switch on, I ain't the one driving it,” Blake Broussard says after ejection video goes viral. Use floaters and intermediates for surface flies or when fishing in the top two to three feet. |   Maybe there are some salt water spinning setups that work, but muskies are just different. I got three Thorne bros custom rods made this year. All Rights Reserved. Posts: 5: I am just getting into muskie fishing and I am wondering what kind of rod/reel to get. Some braids are coated with materials like DuPont's Teflon or fluorocarbon, which can increase strength, abrasion-resistance, color retention, and castability. "Don't go too light," he says. The old axiom “the reel is just there to hold your line” is especially true in musky fishing. Spectra HT can found be in PowerPro's new Maxcuatro (awarded Best New Line at ICAST 2015) and FINS 40G braided lines. Higher PIC counts improve flexibility, while a lower PIC count can increase stiffness. But with so many options to choose from, picking the right line can be difficult. These new reel seats give you unparalleled cranking advantage and control over your rod while fighting a pike, musky, snook all the way up to a shark or monster Florida alligator! It's 100% free and we will never sell your email address! But that doesn't happen anymore with top-end braids. Be the FIRST to see Musky Insider every week by signing up for the email version of this newsletter. Dive/rise I use a longer rod All In-Fisherman subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. “The Spiderwire is an excellent line to use. So I am going to return the dobyns and get an actual musky rod. Moreover, traditional reels can not withstand the sheer force of a musky. Our selection of Bass fishing rods will satisfy anglers targeting Largemouth, Smallmouth, Pike, Musky, or Panfish. Great thread tonkaiceman, thanks for posting as I am also interested in a 2nd rod setup. I want a line to go the distance.". Line plays a huge role in how you present lures to fish and get 'em to eat.". Zero-Impact is available in both hi-vis yellow/black and aqua green/black, 20- to 100-pound test, The difference in the lures dictates different rod, reel and line selections in order to accommodate the different demands upon lure presentations. Just watch for visual signs of fraying.".

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