Kyle and Heidi talk with each other on the playground’s swings. This results in Mr. Mackey telling PC Principal "she's kind of like Cartman, but with the ability to follow through." She then asks Cartman if he still wants to go to the park with her, cancelling the plans and leaving when Cartman acts passive-aggressively towards her. Heidi then leaves his house, angry that he won't communicate his feelings. When she hosted a slumber party at her house, she invited nearly all the girls in her clique. Heidi was a minor background character for much of the show's history, excluding two key roles in Season Nine, until the development of "South Park: The Stick of Truth", where she became a critical character in the game's storyline, and was re-established in "The Hobbit" as a member of the Cows Cheerleaders and prominent girl. Cartman and Heidi use the PA system to tell "Mrs. Broflovski" that "her" tampons are at the front desk, angering Kyle. Heidi Turner Heidi objects but Mr. Mackey forces her to cooperate. She played an important off-screen role in "Stunning and Brave", getting Cartman into trouble with PC Principal. Heidi deflates and acts annoyed when he comes over, similar to how he reacted to her earlier in the season. Heidi admits that she doesn't know what the problem is with Elon's rocket science. In "Douche and a Danish", Bebe is so shocked to see that Heidi is in a relationship with Cartman that she vomits. Cartman becomes defensive of Heidi when Butters claims to be feminist and asks her to tell him a joke. Cartman begins to be annoyed with Heidi for not being submissive to him. 01:24. After becoming Cartman's girlfriend, Heidi began developing her own catchphrases, and even borrowing some of his from time to time. Female The kids want to know who could be so cruel - turns out, it's Randy. In "Members Only", Heidi and Cartman ask the SpaceX receptionist if they can go to Mars, but they end up having to wait in line. She sends Cartman's voicemail to Stan, worried about Cartman's mental state. Despite trying to help Cartman for the better, Heidi ending up becoming more like her boyfriend herself, adopting his attitude and becoming fat and self loathing. When her mother supported her decision, she was photo shopped with a penis in her mouth. Later, she and Cartman watch TV at his house, where he is surprised that she drank the water bears. In the Season Twenty-One finale episode, "Splatty Tomato", Heidi hits her breaking point and was prepared to kill Cartman, blaming him for her negative personality change. She holds an assembly with Cartman to propose the idea of a school fundraiser for to stop the cyberbullying issues in South Park and the rest of the world. The two haven't had any onscreen interactions since then, but it can be assumed that they are currently on bad terms since their final break-up. (, "I know how you feel, Eric. Heidi's familiar mousy brown look with her red-and-green jacket debuted shortly later in "Tweek vs. Craig". Heidi is portrayed as one of the popular girls in the fourth grade. Elon Musk walks away with her while Cartman's distrust in her grows even more. Cartman, however, did show remorse for breaking the egg and asked Mrs. Garrison to let her pass and have him fail. Heidi and Cartman were later partnered for the fourth grade egg project and despite a mutual dissatisfaction with the initial choices, the two took care of their egg. Grade When he walks down the street, Heidi appears in his mind, expressing how she wants more communication in their relationship. Heidi Marcie Turner is a character in South Park and is voiced by April Stewart (Eliza Schneider in "Probably" and "Helen Keller! During "The Damned", when Cartman is walking alone in the hallway, Heidi calls to him and leads him to the park where she and other people who don't use Twitter go. She invites Kyle to her house, revealing her plan to identify Skankhunt42 using "Emoji Analysis", telling Cartman and Kyle she thinks Skankhunt42 is a student's parent. Alter egos that have appeared numberous times in-show and/or other official media. In the episode, "Moss Piglets", we see the result of the toxicity of Cartman and Heidi's relationship. The combination of Heidi and Cartman's actions inadvertently lead to Canada being nuked. Kyle says "some of their projects are pretty cool", resulting in Heidi and Cartman yelling "shut up Kyle!" Although significantly less extreme than the rivalry of her boyfriend Cartman and his nemesis Kyle, Heidi has a mixed friend/foe relationship with fellow girl Allie Nelson, whom she saw as a friend until her mother had an abortion, and Heidi then framed Allie to cover everything up. No!" "SUPER HARD PCness" shows how both Heidi and Cartman enjoy being terrible together, antagonizing Kyle many times throughout the episode. Race Worried about him, Heidi accepts this, and they get back together. at the same time. (, "I call it emoji analysis." Heidi is currently voiced by Jessica Mackinson, who has been voicing her since 2005. Heidi Turner Gender: Female Hair: Brown Age: 9 Job: Student Religion: Roman Catholic Voiced by: April Stewart Allies Karen McCormick, Craig Tucker, Butters Stotch, Eric Cartman (ex-boyfriend), Stan Marsh (boyfriend), Kyle Broflovski (currently) Enemies Wendy Testaburger, Bebe Stevens, Red, Annie, Kyle Broflovski (At first on Kyle's side, formerly now), Eric Cartman (formerly, ex-boyfriend), Gregory When Cartman tries to make his suicide prevention event bigger than the memorial service by the Distracted Driving Awareness Group, Heidi tells him that "people need help sorting out their emotions sometimes", resulting in Cartman threatening to kill himself and running away. Student Comedy Central. (debuted in ", "I learned that betrayal can actually make your friendships stronger, and it's all thanks to you! All of these are likely continuity errors. Heidi starts to gain weight in "Doubling Down", following her discovery of "Beyond KFC". Heidi can be seen sitting in the library during Mr. Mackey's Twitter funeral for her. Heidi has committed the following crimes during the series: She has had four voice actors throughout the series. When the group decides to help Kyle look for Ike, Heidi gets mad with Cartman because it’s supposed to be their date night. Since then, she has kept her place in the girls' clique throughout the series. 14 Comments. Heidi steals the Water Bears and runs through the school, attempting to escape with them. The toxicity of their relationship plays a large role in the Season Twenty-One episode, "Sons A Witches". Tweek, Craig, Kyle, and Stan talk about seeing President Garrison, Heidi and Cartman join them. Heidi has dull brown hair. Heidi was the one that insulted Marjorine in the first place, although after seeing how much she had upset "her", she felt guilty and tried to cheer "her" up. Apologizing for her earlier accusations, they began comfort each other over the isolation they found themselves in. Nancy Turner tells her that she also invited Marjorine to the party, much to Heidi's anger. Former Bebe appears to be very close to Heidi, possibly best friends. She can then comment that the New Kid should stay as a girl, since it would be "so much better". Heidi explains her plan to track down the Troll to Kyle and Cartman, and reveals who she thinks the Troll really is. She regularly catches up with them outside of school though, usually to practice cheerleading or have have sleepovers with. Dressed as Hansel and Gretel, they walk through the forest. She was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, which was her first speaking role. Heidi is the only regular character voiced by Jessica Makinson, who joined the show in season 7. After "Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend", it is revealed that she didn't make the Facebook post mentioning that the New Kid is Bebe's boyfriend, so the girls suspect she is the "two-faced bitch". The experience of seeing hers in the dark with a flashlight triggered a spiritual awakening for Cartman and they officially became a couple. and kiss each other. Cartman takes her back and twists her beliefs, causing her to inadvertently call Kyle a "dirty Jew" and break up with him. She is not directly related to Tommy Turner or Powder Turner, who were portrayed as siblings in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics". After school, Kyle talks to Heidi about her relationship with Cartman. Heidi remembers that Cartman was angry she took so long getting ready for pumpkin patch, starting an argument. Show More. Since the major developmental growth of her character, and her promotion to a significant character in recent seasons, Heidi is always portrayed as a genial, thoughtful, cute, and sweet girl. Heidi is brought to Mr. Mackey's office where she is asked to be the judge for the science fair as she had previously volunteered to do so. She also remembers when they used to talk in the park for hours, asking why they don’t anymore. He then imagines Kyle as a giant, attempting to ruin his relationship with her. While Cartman and his friends are making Alexa say profanities, Heidi enters his house resulting in Cartman acting passive-aggressively towards her, annoying Heidi. This season had planned "dark weeks" (weeks during which no new episodes would air) after episode three, episode six, and episode eight. However, when Heidi quit Twitter, Bebe was distraught, frequently crying. In "Fort Collins", Cartman is unable to tell Heidi about his bigotry in the past and lies to her about an incident with Jimmy. He blames her for his unhappiness in their relationship, accusing her of being mentally abusive. Cartman breaks up with her for not submitting herself to him, telling her that she's messed up and he can't fix her. The girls take Heidi to dinner at Buca De Faggoncini. She was also depicted with her former appearance in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, with her black hair and orange sweater. Heidi has been regarded by Mr. Mackey as their best science student. South Park S20 E2. In the Season Twenty-One finale episode, "Splatty Tomato", Heidi battles with her inner conscience over her relationship with Eric. Eventually things soon took a rocky turn as Cartman could not bother to be honest or even stand being around Heidi, convincing his friends she was mentally abusive. Popular All Time. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Meaning that she felt remorseful for how horrible she has become, thanks to Cartman's manipulative influence on her. However Heidi breaks up with Kyle, inadvertently calls him a "dirty Jew", shocking him, and walks away with Cartman who manipulated her into taking him back. After Theresa intervenes, Heidi mocks her. The 270th episode of the series overall, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on September 28, 2016.. I Made the News. In her initial appearance in \"Rainforest Shmainforest\", she had black hair (though it was shown as its later brown shade in various shots) and wore a green sweater when she wasn't in her choir uniform. This is obviously meant to parallel Cartman's treatment of the boys, except with clearer roots. The New Kid heads to Canada in "Heading North" and then finds the Minister of Montreal at the end of "O Canada". Heidi is crying at her dining room table when Cartman comes and admits that he was wrong. Gerald gets the recognition he's been seeking and ups his trolling game. She'd go to him when she was having problems with Eric, and she'd lend him school supplies if he needed them. When dressed for bed, she wears lavender plaid pajamas with a pink collar and pockets, as seen in "Marjorine". Jessie Thomas South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut: Mary Kay BergmanCurrently:Jessica Makinson[1] Butters says he can't because he's going to Clyde's birthday. Upon seeing Kyle, she calls him his mother, surprising Kyle. The boys decide to set up Butters' fake death and send him to the party disguised as a girl. After arguing with Cartman about his support, Heidi says that if the school administration doesn't cancel the Special Ed Science Fair, she will have them all fired. Aliases With no phone, no human contact." In "Marjorine", she was angry that Marjorine, who was Butters in disguise, was coming to her sleepover. The Musical"). When Kyle says that he doesn’t need anyone to come with him, she accuses Kyle of not wanting her around because he had “the hots” for her, but Kyle says that he would “never have the hots” for the person she is now, leaving her hurt. In "Basic Cable", Scott Malkinson asks Cartman for love advice mentioning how he and Heidi were together a long time and Cartman tells Scott that girls and relationships are "diabetes times ten" showing that Cartman is still bitter about the break-up. Heidi and her parents were first seen in the story arc "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" Better shut it off”, resulting in everyone laughing at Kyle. She sang "Everyone is Special" with the other 4th graders in Elementary School Musical and with her boyfriend in Douche and a Danish. South Park - The Girls. Heidi is often sweet and socially friendly, although in earlier seasons she proved to sometimes be unkind to the point of cruelty. They usually are seen talking together and eating lunch with each other on multiple occasions. All the girls rip on him, resulting in Heidi going back to Cartman and "doubling down". She realized that Cartman tried getting her killed, yelling at her imaginary past-self. I know how hard it is when school gets out. Like most of the girls, she exhibited a notable attraction to Bridon Gueermo, whether he was singing or playing basketball, singing part of his debut song. She then tells Kyle why she started dating Cartman, asking if that makes her a bad person. Heidi yells at Cartman for not being a supportive boyfriend and he calls her a bitch, resulting in her intimidating him into standing down, showing her newly acquired dominance in their relationship. Heidi, noticing that he's upset, asks if something is bothering him. She tells Kyle the circumstances she was in when she started dating Cartman. The couple worked together to help Denmark get up and running. Watch Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all their foul-mouthed adventures. Heidi was seen singing on two occasions. When Kyle talked Heidi into breaking up with Cartman, she started going out with him before the sudden halt after Cartman passed down his Jew hatred to her. While Heidi is attempting to solve the problem, Cartman talks to Butters again, he tells Butters that Heidi is the smartest, funniest person he's ever met, not believing Butters about the girls' "hatred" for men. South Park S20 E2. Their relationship becomes strained in "Not Funny" when Heidi is focusing all her attention on solving the rocket problem. As revenge, Cartman leaves her alone and she gets captured by the witch. ", "The hardest part is not having any followers. They also express concern for Heidi's sanity, and her safety while in her relationship with Cartman, all holding a personal vendetta against him.