Are you looking forward to the release of The Call on Netflix? With Song Kang-Ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-sik. The Call was released on November 27 at 1:30 pm according to Indian time.. We have picked the top 5 best Korean Romance movies that you have to watch. When will 'Good Girls' Season 3 be on Netflix? There are some familiar faces in the cast of The Call that K-Drama fans can look forward to watching: Park Shin Hye has been one of the most popular South Korean actresses on Netflix in 2020. Although Netflix offers plenty of great English language content, some subscribers have also explored the array of foreign titles that are now available on the service. The film was considered as one of the highest-grossing Korean films of that year as well. Top 10 Korean Romantic Comedy Movies // Subscribe: are the best Korean … One phone call connects the two, and their lives are changed irrevocably. Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment. 'India is deeply honoured': PM Modi says after vaccine export begins on January 20, Rlys rename 'Howrah Kalka Mail' as 'Netaji Express' after 'Parakram Diwas' announcement, India announce squad for first 2 Tests against England: Ishant, Pandya return in whites. The Call was originally scheduled for a theatrical release, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it was delayed. She recently starred in the zombie survival horror #Alive, which was well received by Netflix subscribers all around the world. Luckily, if you're looking for more great films to watch after Parasite, we've rounded up some of the best Korean movies you can watch to delve deeper into the truly amazing world of Korean cinema. The Call 2020 Korean movie surely grabbed a lot of attention on social media as people were seen discussing what the ending of this South Korean thriller movie actually meant?Many people were seen to be perplexed about what the movie's ending actually meant. Let us know in the comments below! I always like the time travel genre, this movie is so cool that it how the past affects the present time in the movie. With one of Korea's best actor's and gifts to the movie industry in general, Song Kang-ho starring as the main character of A Taxi Driver (2017), it's no surprise why this movie quickly rose as one of the most popular Korean movies.. The film also has a personal angle wherein The Call, the daughter tries to save her father, while in Psychokinesis, the father goes to extremes to help his daughter. Here's a list of Korean thriller movies that will blow your mind! by Jacob Robinson Together, they make a choice that will impact their lives forever as they change the course of history. Homaging the 1980's is great but, at times, it feels more like a template because, in execution, The Call is really a much darker movie and stylistically moves into more J-Horror territory. He later gets kidnapped himself and is thrown into a murder plot as he doesn't have any recollection of what happened that night. The list of highest-rated South Korean historical dramas and movies. He then decides to help his daughter and save their neighbourhood against mafia's influence. South Korean film The Call released on Netflix today. The Call 2020 TV-MA 1h 52m Korean Movies Connected by phone in the same home but 20 years apart, a serial killer puts another woman’s past — and life — on the line to change her own fate. The movies does a great job building tension and maintaining it, as well as slowly revealing clues over time.