Kayla facebook.com/FeathersGlen Dallas, GA It doesn’t matter if you breed with or without official pedigrees. Sun, 17 Jan 2021 13:05:48 -0800 Sun, 17 Jan 2021 13:05:48 -0800. Prevent inbreeding of your rats through accurate administration. If you’re purchasing a rat from a breeder, you must do your research. Arlee, MT Am I allowed to interact with the rat in person first? (406) 241-0293, Finnvarra Rattery Nina Kirkland, IL Wichita, KS Felicia Listed Alphabetically by State and City If the breeder is a member of a club, the initials of the club will be listed after the breeder's name. (757) 637-0260, Rocktown Rattery [email protected], Misty Blue Rattery Kat Marcela Luedtke A  bout First off: We are an ACTIVE Rattery!!! (843) 858-9931, Snabie Snax We are a home-based rattery located in Denton, Texas.I am the vice-president and a registered breeder of the AFRMA- my breeder # is: AFRMAR1209-RR09. facebook.com/finnvarrarattery [email protected] Zach is a life-long pet owner and enthusiast. Are you an individual breeder, but would you like to add an unlimited amount of rats? tfrrofpa.weebly.com Colorado Springs, CO Lake City, FL JEssica macrattery.weebly.com Drasco, AR Middlebor, MA Located in San Tan Valley, AZ Backyard breeders are much more likely to neglect the needs of their rats. facebook.com/redwolfrattery Fitchburg, MA Choose the multi user subscription of ZooEasy. [email protected], Blue Rat Rattery Do you have references for previous buyers? First off, unlike most other breeding games, this one is more battle and collection-oriented than breeding-oriented. Tiffany Lizz [email protected] [email protected], Triple Stones Rattery Reptile Rack Systems, Rodent Rack Systems, Reptile Tubs, Rodent Tubs, Ball Python Morphs, CocoBlox™️ Accounts 8.625 | She was the first one to bring Blue, Hairless and Dumbo rats into our state. (980) 406-1375, North Winds Rattery [email protected], White Cat Rodents ZooEasy is available in the following languages: Customers 2.239 | facebook.com/DesertSongRattery facebook.com/krazytailscritters Chaska, MN (208) 840-1676, Sweet Genes Rodentry blueratrattery.com Rattata is a small, quadrupedal rodent Pokémon.It has purple fur with a cream-colored face, paws, and underbelly. facebook.com/AwwRatsRattery Perfect for associations! Katie (414) 921-8287, Crane Hill Rattery (225) 348-6670, Moose Munchkins Rattery facebook.com/ShadedRoseRattery If you like virtual pet games that are based on real cat genetics, coat types and colors, come and give it a try. facebook.com/Flutterbeerattery [email protected] [email protected], Tiny Feet Rattery of South Shore, MA (469) 570-9590, Jozzy’s Rat Pack Rattery Heather Nikkieval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'beyondthetreat_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_5',139,'0','0'])); eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'beyondthetreat_com-leader-1','ezslot_2',137,'0','0'])); Arkham Rattery Howard Lake, MN facebook.com/RiffRaffRex Shenandoah, VA Welcome to Leporidae! facebook.com/Rodent-Resort-and-Exotics-103894877806014 This completes the basic information that will help you to make responsible breeding choices. [email protected], Totes for Realz Rattery Brie [email protected] Jessica Once you find a rat breeder, you have to do a bit of vetting. [email protected], Fancy That Rattery Register their name, date of birth, father, mother and characteristics. [email protected] Pure Felinity. (812) 719-0123, iRattery Think of relationship and inbreeding percentages, birth details and characteristics and color. Can you answer any other questions I may have about rat care? Choose from over 200 different dog breeds and build your kennel from the ground up. Our online database gives you more insight into your rats. Tell City, IN Jess Wright (and tbh I prefer a female protagonist but that's just my plain preference) (716) 597-2146, Spunky Rats Rattery He is a sturdy, compact, small-to-medium sized parti-colored dog giving the appearance of elegance and athleticism. [email protected], Inglenook Rats [email protected] Care for and breed your own reptiles! Denver, CO Jamie Animals 5.426.581. romeosratpackrattery.weebly.com Alicia facebook.com/pinkpawslove Do you have more than 25 animals? Kelsey (971) 226-0371, Moonshadow Mischief Rattery facebook.com/jennsrats Pets can pass on their mutations (along with their colors and other genetic traits) to their offspring. In the world of OviPets, you and your friends are able to raise and care for pets in all the colors of the rainbow. Essential when you want to breed rats! (662) 645-3349, Shaded Rose Rattery Spokane, WA Simpsonville, SC Let me remind you that it requires lots of time to breed rats successfully. Montgomery, AL And the lower the inbreeding percentage, the better this is for the rat’s health. Micah Mohave Valley, AZ [email protected], Chason Rats & Snakes tallgrassrattery.com facebook.com/SnabieSnax Melodie Choose the unlimited subscription plan and add unlimited users. Boise, ID Bernice, LA (910) 547-6249, City Farm House Rattery Manage the database with multiple accounts. Required fields are marked *, Get exclusive pet tips, tricks, and fun stuff that we love :), About         Contact         Medical Disclaimer         Terms         Privacy. Their genetic history has been tracked for over 26yrs. 99 You should visit the breeder’s rattery page/website and see how the rats are cared for and if they are healthy. [email protected] Salem, NY Aywas is one of the more unique breeding pet games. [email protected] (405) 432-7507, Khawdash Rattery Newnan, GA Rat Breeder Directory Little Paws Rattery cannot make any guarantees about the quality of the rats sold by any of these breeders. (210) 478-0127, Flutterbee Rattery the-firefly-rattery.webs.com Kristina [email protected] Choose the single user plan. facebook.com/LoveASquishRattery, Starbrux Rattery (952) 212-4076, Pat Palooza Rattery usahotty164.wixsite.com/rodentiarattery Ransomville, NY facebook.com/Ruby-Falls-Rattery-812974445493869 Shelby Buckeye, AZ Overland Park, KS facebook.com/curiousrat/ Olivia & Cathy Kim It is still very much in alpha testing phase. [email protected] [email protected], Smurfy Valley Rattery Las Vegas, NV Rat Terrier breeder (pure breed) with 16 years experience & 8 generations. [email protected], Blue Heart Rattery (317) 560-6320, Wild Moon Rattery krittersbykatie.weebly.com Stillwater, OK [email protected] Choose the single user plan. Maresa facebook.com/whitecatrodents Lansing, MI Kaiser His short, smooth coat may come in any variation of pied patterning. facebook.com/rocktownrattery [email protected] Mount Desert Island, ME Tower City, PA [email protected], Feather’s Glen Crittery and Creations Vinton, OH Can you provide me with your rats’ genetic histories? Build fame and become known to players around the world as the best breeder, the best trainer, or the best competitor. (574) 612-9664, Cosmic Bliss Rattery For example, the brown rat, the hairless rat or the Siamese rat. (501) 270-1183, The Fancy Rats’ Nest Thea New in version 2.5.20: Show end date subscription for manager after logging in, New in version 2.5.20: Making a copy of a breeding pair without offspring, New in version 2.5.20: Determining the scientific name of a breed. (405) 596-6916, KNR Rattery of Oregon Aimee Pocatello, ID facebook.com/hoosierrat (508) 843-2678, Dire Rats Rattery Jenni Megan (864) 688-9766, Black Moon Rattery Kassidi facebook.com/derbycityrattery pacificgemsrattery.com (828) 803-7044, Queen City Companions Rattery Breeders of rats choose the ZooEasy software to simplify and speed up their administration. facebook.com/tinyrattiefeeties That’s why we have a suitable subscription for every breeder. [email protected], Little Gems Rattery We may earn commissions from the links within this post.​. [email protected] If you are committed to starting a responsible breeding program, then there are several things that you will need to do to ensure the health and well-being of the rats that you breed. (801) 472-0312, LalaBean Rattery [email protected], Battle Born Rattery Las Vegas/Henderson, NV (678) 478-1792, Oahu Rats [email protected]. Think of relationship and inbreeding percentages, birth details and characteristics and color. Delores You create one database and login at the same time with your unique username and password. He was born into a family with a dog named Murphy, and since then has owned several other dogs, mice, ferrets, fish, geckos, and a cat. Rat Mothers, sometimes called Breeders, are the only known type of female Skaven, a creature birthed only to be a bloated baby making factory. (505) 620-8051, Once Upon A Mischief Reworked location - rat nest. facebook.com/TinyWhiskersRattery It’s perfectly suited for one user with a maximum of 25 rats. We are happy that you have decided to adopt a Rat. JEANNE from Cedar Rapids, IA, Luis Manuel from Escobedo Camargo. They popcorn around :') Examples of rat toys. [email protected], Little Paws Rattery willowcreekexotics.weebly.com The more generations you enter, the more accurate the calculations are. (208) 571-6448, Randy’s Rattery If you’re purchasing a rat from a breeder, you must do your research. ZooEasy gives you insight! [email protected], Knittin Ritten Rattery Albuquerque, NM facebook.com/BohemianRattery While it was a little confusing the first time I played, I’m getting a pretty good grip on how it’s played. Des Moines, IA The Rat Terrier is a multipurpose companion dog that is capable of hunting rodents and vermin above and below ground as well as coursing small game. Rat Breeders. [email protected] Joy Kayla Also add a picture to complete your records. Amber Lion Creek brood pens include Certified Banded Swift Creek Bruner RH, Dan Gray RH, Johnnie Jumper Radios, Johnnie Jumper Albany, Swift Creek Pure Greys, Rat Graves Leipers and Little Creek Hatch. serendipityrats.com At ZooEasy we work with several subscription plans. [email protected] Do you breed on your own and you don’t have many rats yet? Sign up now. JanYoo Guinea Pig Toys Chinchilla Hamster Roller Rat Chews Toys Bunny Rabbits Bird Exercise Molar Wooden for Teeth(Pack of 7) 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,414 $21.99 $ 21 . Breann Groves Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Rat. [email protected] • Open to everyone in any part of the world. Nikki Clackamas, OR Jennifer New Orleans, LA Katie fancyratsnest.weebly.com House Springs, MO [email protected], Crazy Rat Lady Rattery facebook.com/starbruxrattery In the free version, you will have access to all the functions included in your chosen subscription plan. Diana eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'beyondthetreat_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',133,'0','0'])); Regal Squeaks Rattery I got my first trio of boys in 2014, and knew I wanted more! Register all information of each rat. Debbie Cecilia Michelle facebook.com/North-Winds-Rattery-806647849722109, Rodent Resort and Exotics Battle Ground, WA Marion, IN I breed for health and temperament firstly before physical appearance. Cherokee, IA facebook.com/KhawdashRattery Amber Lindsey Find more information about our rates and memberships here. Darlington, SC Charleston, WV All information about your rats in a clear overview, Quick view of ancestors due to the visual pedigree, Relationships and inbreeding calculated automatically, Easily create new breeding pairs and create a clear overview. This subscription allows you to manage the database with two or more individuals. [email protected], The Firefly Rattery [email protected], Romeo’s Rat Pack Rattery No payment details are required. [email protected], Black Dynasty Rattery Nicole Saratoga Springs, UT Lion Creek Game Farm has some of the finest breed lines from many of the finest highly recognized breeders of game fowl. facebook.com/Ramblin-Rose-Rattery-1724616137581882, Willow Creek Exotics We strive to keep this directory current and accurate.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'beyondthetreat_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',138,'0','0'])); Please note that we do not know all of these breeders and cannot personally endorse them. Virtually no downtime in 2 years of use. While it’s possible to simply go to a pet store and purchase a rat, a lot of people prefer to purchase their rat from a breeder. Rats are very popular pets, and it’s clear why that is! Gadsden, AL Find a job related to rodents! facebook.com/FancyRatRattery facebook.com/Little-Gems-Rattery-2297966123817714 Lehi, UT Owner Lincoln, NE Josh Franklin, NH We have a forever free subscription for individual breeders with a maximum of 25 rats. (860) 701-8291, Trash Rats Rattery [email protected], Blueming Tails Rattery You choose the breed, you create the line and compete for the top! facebook.com/Rat-Palooza-Rattery-208248302884666 Springfeild, MO Chattanooga, TN (402) 490-9967, Love a Squish Rattery Brenna Young mmrattery.weebly.com Learn more about Dog Dayzz. Lucia facebook.com/ArkhamRattery, Raining Rats Rattery (316) 992-3479, Derby City Rattery Slkton, MD [email protected], K’s Hoosier Rat Rattery Denton, TX This is only done if this veteran breeder knows there is something about that rat that can be of benefit to their existing colony, and knowing that the babies from said rat will be of 50% known ancestry and health is then bred into said rats new line. maegansmenagerie.com (570) 810-4060, Bandit Rattery [email protected], Simpsonville Rattery Your email address will not be published. irattery.weebly.com facebook.com/OahuLovingRattery, Les Rats facebook.com/wildmoonrattery Erika Liz Stow, OH facebook.com/BlackMoonRattery Oahu, HI When entering the details, select this rat’s parents. [email protected] [email protected], Katt’s Rattery San Diego, CA Jamie facebook.com/blackdynastyrattery York, PA Kimberly (509) 263-8622, Krazy Tails © ZooEasy™ 2021 [email protected], Emerald City Rattery [email protected] Dickinson, ND [email protected] Rat Breeder in Tampa on YP.com. moonshadowmischief.weebly.com Chatsworth, CA [email protected], Rainbow Whiskers Rattery [email protected] (207) 651-1544, Blue Stone Siamese Rattery Each weights at least 700 pounds and measures 10 feet long from snout to tail. Large associations choose the unlimited subscription. [email protected] Generally calm rats that don’t act aggressive/nervous when held. Register *Required fields. Fairmont, WV facebook.com/Phantom-Curls-1935502026760455 facebook.com/bleujaypets, Desert Song Rattery Clarksdale, MS [email protected], Twisted Tails Rattery (318) 608-0575, Krew Du Mischief At the pet shop you will find all the clothes and accessories you need to have the cutest pet in the community. Louisville, KY I have used ZooEasy for over a decade and I love how this helps me manage my data. Jennifer ZooEasy is the ideal online registration program for every rat breeder, rattery and associaton. (908) 386-8654, Bleu Jay Rattery 80stoysale.com/ratadoption.html Morgan Lab Animal RAT MICE Polypropylene Breeding Cages - Good for Rat Mice & Hamster Hamster Breeding cages BPH 362 (Good for Hamster rat mice & all small mammals) (Polypropylene - Lab animals research cages for mice & rat) ( Lab research cages ) Code : BPH 362 Size : 290Lx220Wx140H mm - small size We have all size Lab animal cages and surgical instruments. facebook.com/regalsqueaksrattery Raining Rats Rattery, Is a rat breeder bringing happy healthy pet rats from our home to yours for a wonderful family pet. Greenwood, IN Angelika The best rat breeders take excellent care of their rats and keep detailed lineage/genetic records. (414) 617-6867, RiffRaff Rex Rattery phone, Chadwick Rattery (509) 998-1886, Little Sprout Rattery Roanok, VA ZooEasy is the ideal online registration program for every rat breeder, rattery and associaton. Windsor, VT Morganton, NC Andrea Best of all, Furry Paws is FREE to play! Jeffery Papillion, NE Rats can be susceptible to several diseases and health problems, especially if they come from bad breeders. [email protected], Cute N Company Rattery Louisville, KY Spokane, WA Box Elder, SD Vandalia, MI © 2020 Beyond The Treat | Amazon Associates Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. blueheartrattery.wixsite.com/mysite Desoto County, MS